I Scream, You Scream...

Friday, August 26, 2016
We all scream for ice cream + the weekend! Happy Friday, lovelies!! Just popping in to wish you all a fabulous weekend full of rest, relaxation, and maybe just a sweet or two...

^^ The faces she makes sometimes though!


Suds + Fun Car Show // Hampshire, IL

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Okay guys, these are officially the last of my vacation pictures. I have more, but I have to cut myself off at sometime, I suppose lol! We went to the 33rd Annual Suds + Fun Car show on Sunday morning of our trip. There were rows upon rows of beautiful cars and the guys walked up and down the aisles for hours admiring them...

^^ There was a playground in the middle, so naturally Odette had to test it out :)

^^ Similar to Grandpa's first car :)

^^ Sharing ice cream with Uncle Bobby!

Odette wanted nothing to do with the cars, but instead demanded we help her find nuts for the squirrels. I have no idea where she gets these things. Haha! Every time she found a nut she brought it over to the tree and said, "here you go, squirrels!" She's so darn cute, I love her to death! We also found a caterpillar that she was so intrigued with, she carried it around for the entire show...

^^ This smile is everything!

She cried so hard when we had to let it loose before leaving. I think she would keep every single animal we've ever found if I let her :)


The Windy City

Monday, August 22, 2016
Good morning, friends! Today, I'm continuing on with our vacation pictures. On Saturday of our vacation, we went to Chicago to see the sights. We took Odette to Millennium Park to swim, saw the Bean, walked the Magnificent Mile, ate donuts + had drinks at the Signature room. It was a pretty great day if you ask me! Odette loved getting a new place to swim and it was such a fun splash area! It's incredibly huge and Mike and I spent the majority of our time running after her. Although fun, I think it will be a one time occurrence because it freaked me out how easily Odette could get lost in a crowd. As you can see, Odette wasn't the slightest bit worried though. Too much FUN to be had, I guess...

We headed to the BEAN next, to take some pictures and stare at it's beauty! Odette was less than impressed, so we made it short + sweet and then headed towards Stan's Donuts...  

^^ Story of my life.. Odette crying, telling us she doesn't want to do something. #sassy 

^^ First sightings of fall!

I've been wanting to try Stan's Donuts for some time now, as I 've heard they're delicious! My sister lives in the city and always raves about them :) I get jealous every time she shows her latest visit on Instagram. Haha! If you ever happen to find yourself at one, order the Lemon Pistachio donut. It's an absolute game changer, and I don't know how I'll ever look at another donut the same! Of course, Odette was partial to the Chocolate Cake donut lol...

^^ Coffee + Chocolate Milk was as good as it sounds!

After that, we kept on walking + headed to the Signature Room for drinks. The view is worth the outrageous cocktail prices, I promise!

^^ Last stop, Dylan's Candy Bar! Bring on the SUGAR!

The ride home was a pretty sticky mess, but well worth it!!