When you give an Odette a beagle...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
The highlight of Odette's weekend is going out for "beagles" with daddy. I got the pleasure of going with them this weekend and seeing Odette get so happy over a bagel was too cute! I might also add that Odette has started collecting quarters this week and keeps them in her pockets, specifically for beagle dates lol...

 ^^ Chocolate chip + Nutella for Dette, French Toast + PB for Mama, and 2 Plain Jane Bagels for Daddy

When you give an Odette a beagle... she'll probably want Nutella to go with it.
She'll smile, take a bite and instantly be covered in chocolaty, hazelnut goodness.
She'll ask for a napkin and wipe approximately 1/3 of it off onto the napkin, getting the rest on her hands + shirt.
She'll eat half of the bagel and decide that she's thirsty.
Daddy will get her a water and then she'll take a tiny sip, proving to us that she wasn't really thirsty at all.
She'll finish another few bites and then decide that she'd like to save the rest for later.
Daddy throws out the trash + puts back the baskets.
Odette will see and go ballistic because she was saving her "beagle" for later!
Mommy + Daddy rush her to the car, calm her down and then hand her the water.
She'll take a sip + decide, she'd like another beagle.

And chances are... if you give an Odette a beagle, she'll want some Nutella to go with it!

Oh, life with a kiddo! This temperamental threenager phase is something else, I tell ya!
She's SO lucky she's so darn cute :)

P.S. Who else loves the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series?!

Summer Splash

Monday, May 23, 2016
I know summer doesn't officially start until June 20th, but it definitely feels like summer in Arizona! With temps in the 90s most days already, it's safe to say that we'll be frequent visitors of our local splash pad. Just find a shady spot for mom + dad, and we can let our cutie play the day away...

^^ So cute when she meets little friends at the splash pad!

It's amazing to see the difference in Odette's reaction to the splash pad this year compared to last. As a new two year old last summer, she was still a little bit timid by the splash pad. She would never get close enough to completely get soaked and mostly ran around the perimeter. This year, she has lost all fear + it's been a total game changer! She literally shakes from being so cold within 10-15 minutes of playing lol. Her favorite thing to do lately is filling up her sparkly, purple bucket. It's the little things in life, right?!

^^ Probably my new favorite picture!

Have you visited your local splash pad yet?! It's such a perfect way to beat the heat!


Odette's Third Birthday

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
It's been a few days since we celebrated Odette's 3rd Birthday and I think it's safe to say the sugar has finally worn off. She may have only had one piece of cake on her birthday, but she's seriously been bouncing off the walls ever since lol!

I went into Odette's room bright and early on Sunday morning and sang her Happy Birthday! She immediately started smiling and said, "Happy Birthday, Mommy." It was so cute and she kept telling me "Happy Birthday" all day :) Since Mike had to work in the morning, we stayed in our jammies late, ate popcorn and watched a few too many episodes of Daniel Tiger. Yes, Daniel Tiger even trumped the park + the mall play place when asked. Odette also asked me about a million times if dad was home yet. Waiting is not her strong suite, especially when it comes to cake!

Once she went down for her nap, I decorated her cake and put out the presents. I had so much fun putting together her cake + decorations this year and since she wanted a "mingo" cake, I made everything the birthday girl's favorite color... PINK!  I used the roses I got for Mother's Day and added an adorable flamingo cake topper to her cake, and I think it turned out so cute...
^^ Odette loved her "mingo" balloon + had the biggest smile on her face when we got it!

Odette was SO excited to open up her presents! She dug into them almost immediately after waking up from her nap! She got so many fun surprises and her grandparents totally spoiled her as usual...
 ^^ Love this little cutie so much!! Is it just me or does she look so much older already? :(

^^ Pics with the birthday girl!

After presents it was finally time for this girl's favorite part of the day... the cake! She got a chocolate cake with pink frosting, per her request, so naturally she was in heaven! So sorry for the overload of cake pictures, but they were all so cute I just couldn't decide...

Once she had some yummy cake, it was back to playing with her toys. She got so many fun things and had a blast testing out each new present! She loved her little Minnie Vacuum and I can't wait to vacuum with my girl every day...
 ^^ Loved her little cash register so much! She kept giving us money all night :)

 ^^ Later she snuck off to the kitchen and told us she was having a picnic. She has such a cute imagination!
We also took Odette out for her birthday dinner at, you guessed it... Sweet Tomatoes. It was so much fun celebrating our favorite little girl and I'm so glad she had such a special birthday! Cake + presents, what more could a three year old need?!

She is Three!

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Three years ago today at exactly 7:14 a.m., our world was changed forever! We welcomed the most perfect little girl, Odette Brielle, into our family! From the very second she was born, she's had us wrapped around her little finger + she knows it! She's sweet, intelligent, kind, silly, sassy, and everything you'd hope for in a daughter. She continues to challenge me daily, testing my patience and reminding me there is so much beauty in the world! From discovering the tiniest flower to her sweet smile as we snuggle up reading stories at night... it's the little things that make my day. As much as it saddens me to watch time fly by in a blink, I have loved watching this little beauty grow and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her...

Happy Birthday, Dette Cakes!! Mommy + Daddy love you more than you'll ever know!