Etsy Anniversary!

Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm so excited that our Etsy shop, Dette Cakes, is turning ONE tomorrow!! We started our little shop never expecting to make any sales. However, here we are a year later with much more than expected! Our shop is still tiny in the eyes of most, but we've truly loved every minute of this year. We've had some of the sweetest customers who always make the hard work worth it!
Here are some of our favorite Dette Cakes orders from the past year...
Last week, we were even featured on Sweet Little Peanut! The Assistant Editor, JaNee, had us create custom letters in gold, pink and white for her daughter's nursery. She made a special little reading nook that turned out absolutely adorable! You can check out the full post here.

We couldn't be more happy creating custom orders for so many wonderful people! So a huge THANKS to everyone who is supported us the last year :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
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Baby Proofing

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gone are the days when I could lay Odette in her bouncer and take a shower in peace. Last week I had a hair tie closing the bathroom cabinets while I was showering. Odette took that hair tie off in about 2 seconds and shattered my bronzing powder in a million pieces. Then she proceeded to take a blush brush and brush it into my white marble bathroom tiles :( Oh boy, now my tiles are orange and I have no idea how to get the grout clean unless I pay a professional. Which brings me onto today's blog post... baby proofing!

We've slowly been doing this for the last year, but I have to get a few more things now that Odette is getting so curious about EVERYTHING! Case in point, she also loves to open up the toilet seats and play with the water. I know, yuck!! Here are my top picks of things we have and a few that I still need to buy...

I still need to buy the multipurpose locks and put them on the toilets, fridge and everything else that will get our little girl in trouble lol. We already have the drawer latches in our kitchen and they work great! She tries and tries to open the cabinets and still hasn't been able to crack them open. We also have the corner and edge cushions on our coffee table and they work awesome. Odette runs all over the house and these have saved her on several occasions! Last but not least, outlet plugs are a no brainer because they just look so exciting and enticing to a toddler.

After all of these, I'm hoping we'll be safe for a little while at least! Odette is WAY too smart for her own good and I can't believe the things she can get into lately! I'm just sitting here wondering: what trouble will my little toddler terror get into next? Also, how am I ever going to get my bathroom floors clean?

Do you have any baby proofing tips or tricks? I'd love to hear about any suggestions you have :)

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