Summertime Reading

Thursday, June 23, 2016
In the midst of a HEAT WAVE like no other, we've been doing our fair share of summer reading! Odette is always asking me to read to her + I'm so proud of my little bookworm's love for stories. Today, I've rounded up some of our favorite children's books that have been on our summer reading list. I hope you love them as well...

Beach reads are always a MUST during the summer! Odette is in love with Ladybug Girl at the Beach, so much that we're on our third time checking it out from the library. It's safe to say, I should just pull the trigger and buy it! Another great beach read is Fancy Nancy Sand Castles and Sand Palaces. I mean, why would you build a sand castle if you could have a sand palace instead, right? The Fancy Nancy series are so cute and perfect for any girly girl! Also, we got Part of Their World from the library recently and love it. The illustrations are adorable and Odette's love for Ariel is still going strong, especially since meeting her in Disneyland a few months ago!
Next up, Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes is such a cute book! It's perfect for girls or boys and emphasizes the joy of jumping in things and making a mess. Maybe that's where Odette's love for mud puddles comes from lol! Another fun book is The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog! Odette couldn't stop laughing when we read this the first time and she loves the little duckling asking for a hotdog. Other Pigeon series favorites that I'd highly recommend include The Pigeon Needs a Bath + The Pigeon Drives the Bus.
Lastly, two books that I've purchased from Amazon recently include Sylvie + Daniel's First Fireworks. Sylvie is an adorable book, perfect for any flamingo lover, that teaches kids to just be themselves. I also bought Daniel's First Fireworks because we are hoping to attempt taking Odette to see her first fireworks. Spoiler alert: Daniel Tiger + Margaret hold hands to feel better when they hear the loud fireworks for the first time :) I just LOVE Daniel Tiger! Any other mamas agree?
 Hope you found at least one or two new books to check out next time you go to the library! Happy reading, friends!

Donuts + Dory // Father's Day 2 0 1 6

Monday, June 20, 2016
Mike had to work on Father's Day morning, so Odette and I surprised him with donuts when he got home :) Odette actually ran out to his truck and said, "Happy Donut Party Day!" Hmm... I thought we rehearsed that it was Father's Day, but maybe not lol. We gave daddy his gifts, ate donuts, and then headed to the movie theater to see Finding Dory!

^^ You are the sprinkles on the donut of life, Michael Scott!

 ^^ Part of daddy's present was THIS book, the back page reminds me so much of the three of us! Daddy, Mama, and Dette with their house, plane, and boat in the background :)

Later on that night, Mike told me Odette had already shown him our special hiding spot for the presents. Note to self... never show the three year old where you've hidden gifts lol!

 ^^ These two are the sweetest (insert ALL the heart emojis)!!

^^ Mmm... time for donuts!
^^ Where did my baby go?!

An afternoon filled with donuts + Finding Dory wasn't a bad way to spend Father's Day! Finding Dory was SO cute and we all enjoyed it, even if we did have to sit in the fourth row. The movie theater was packed, it was craziness! We loved celebrating our favorite guy and he is beyond deserving of a special day!! So glad today is his day off and we can keep on celebrating :)

Have any of you seen Finding Dory yet?!

Daddy's Day Q+A

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Happy Father's Day to all the amazing, wonderful dads! Hope you're all having a great weekend celebrating the men you love :) I thought it would be fun to do a little Q + A with Odette today, all about Daddy. Her answers were the cutest and shows how much love she has for him. Seeing these two together just melts my heart! Mike is the BEST dad, always puts us above everything else, and we are so grateful to call him ours...

How old is daddy?

What? 20 10.
(20 + 10 = 30, so she's kind of right)

What is daddy's job?

Airplanes + eats lunch.

What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?

Umm.. go to the splash pad.

Where's your favorite place to go to lunch with daddy?

Sweet Tomatoes.

What is daddy's favorite food?


What is daddy's favorite drink?

Umm... soda!
(Dr. Pepper)

What is daddy's favorite color?

Pink, I mean red.

She's pretty spot on with some of these answers, except she's a little unaware that you don't just go to work to eat lol! I think she's confusing this with her own day... nothing but playtime and unlimited snacks :) Can't wait to compare these answers next year and see what she says!



Thursday, June 16, 2016
This past Monday we celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday. The day started off with Mike and Odette going on their 'beagle' run, giving me time to shower and actually curl my hair. I never thought that would be such an accomplishment, but it ranks pretty high in my book these days lol! When they came back I got the sweetest surprise visit from my in-laws, where they came in with a delicious homemade carrot cake + sang to me. It was so nice and I bet you could guess who was even more excited than me lol?! Odette talked about that cake pretty much the entire day!

We headed out the door shortly after their visit and went to one of my favorite little spots, Agritopia and then to Joe's Farm Grill for lunch. For all my local friends, you MUST try this place if you haven't already :) It's so good and they give you a $10 credit on you birthday! It's become quite the tradition and I even have this picture of me and Odette here every year...

 ^^ Checking out the grape vines with dad. On a side note, you're not actually supposed to pick these! Whoops!

 ^^ Aren't these grape vines amazing?!
^^ Can't get enough of these gorgeous garden flowers!

^^ Burning off some energy before lunch by running around trees.

^^ Cutest little coffee shop nearby!

 ^^ This Pesto Chicken Sandwich has the BEST farm-made pecan pesto!
^^ Odette was so much more excited about her lollipop than her pepperoni pizza.

 ^^ Can't believe this beauty has helped me celebrate my last four birthdays!
After lunch we came home and attempted to give Odette a nap. We're definitely in the naptime phase out transition and I'm not liking it. I'm going to be pretty devastated when naptime officially ends... heaven help me! We also went and saw some model homes that were beautiful, before coming home and having dinner made for me (a mom's dream)! All to finish up the day by eating a slice of carrot cake and binge watching reruns of Happy Endings. Plus, there was cake for breakfast for the next several days, which is always a win...
^^ Sunlight streaming in on my delicious carrot cake. Breakfast of champions!
It was the perfect low-key birthday and I can't wait to see what's in store for me this year!